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Yep, another blog to add to the billions of words of largely ignored content floating around the net...

One of my informal New Year's Resolutions was to spend some time writing about things that are of personal interest to me. I already (infrequently) maintain another blog that's more about work-related material, whereas this will hopefully just be about 'fun' stuff.

The majority of posts will probably be about video games, but I also intend to write a bit about films, TV, anime, books, music and other media. Most of the time I'll probably steer clear of 'real-world' subjects - not that I have no interest in that sort of thing (far from it), but I don't see this as the right venue for that sort of thing.

If you want to contact me for whatever reason, use Twitter.

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I'm a bitter and twisted old man living in London. By day I pretend to be a serious and respectable member of society, but in private I'm just a slovenly nerd who's still into all the same stuff as when I was 14 years old.


About this blog

This blog is an outlet for me to gibber on about all this stuff, without people who know me in the 'real world' being aware. There's no connection with a similarly named Tumblr that appears to be abandoned.

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Slightly confused by the rave reviews I read for "The Grey" - it's certainly an effective film, but I doubt it'll make my top 10 of the year
New Whitechapel ep v. good - esp. @davidschneider - but it's pretty much the only remotely watchable programme ITV make these days
Wasted 2 hrs trying to get new Steam account & install working. Err msgs implied network issue, but reinstall magically fixed it in the end
After an hour or so's play, I'd say XBLA #Quarrel is definitely worth buying, but the iOS version is nicer (e.g. controls, opponent art)
After playing it so much on iOS, it seems incredibly weird to play Quarrel with a joypad and on a screen several feet away
Nintendo will send a replacement Kid Icarus download code if the original claims to be already used, if you mail them.
Conversely, the demo for Asura's Wrath is the sort of cack-handed embarrassment that stops me from talking about games in polite company
I'm a bit late to the party, but titles like Kirby's Epic Yarn makes me glad I've gotten back into gaming recently
Let's see if I can post more frequently here than to my "real" account ...